Bollywood Lesbian

Yesterday, while in town wandering through the narrow streets of Fort, I picked up a DVD copy of Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na (“You either know or you don’t”), a feel-good romantic comedy.  I saw this film with a group of friends in Jaipur and I (like most people, it seems) really enjoyed it.  I missed a bit of the story while struggling with hindi, but for the most part I got it.

Or so I thought…

At the time, my favorite character was not the bubby energetic heroine, Aditi, but her sassy sidekick, Shaleen.  Shaleen dressed well, wore kick-ass boots, played the guitar, and had neon red hair (like I used to).  Obviously she was the best character, aside from the fact that she was missing…well, a personality.  The film wasn’t really about her, after all.


So I decided to watch the film again this afternoon – with subtitles – to see how much of the plot I managed to glean while flying solo in Jaipur.

And shit – I missed a lot.

Shaleen is a LESBIAN!

Yup: it’s in there, and I don’t think it can be disputed.  Aside from the fact that every other character ends up with a love interest in the end and Shaleen is, well, disappointingly single, she does have a moment in one scene where she reveals her girl-on-girl proclivities.  In the song and dance number “Pappu Can’t Dance” she gets a little friendly with a hot stranger, and this isn’t just “girl-dirty-dances-with-girl-for-shits-and-giggles” straight-girl stuff.  If you watch carefully, you’ll notice the look she gives her dance partner: it’s the “I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off-and-do-nasty-things-to-you” look.

Oh yeah.
Check it out:

Total dyke…If only she ended up with a special someone, too… 

(ps: a good friend of mine – who also happens to be a queer activist and journalist – responded to my amazement by saying “Of course – and intentionally,” so apparently I’m really slow and everyone “got” this last summer…)


2 responses to “Bollywood Lesbian

  1. ok – it’s a bit graspy at straws there M – I mean it was about 2.5 seconds total of screen time for the (albeit sexyhot) dyke duo…

  2. Yeah, well, we take what we can get. And this is about as far as Bollywood gets so I’m reveling in that 2.5 seconds!

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